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I would like to thank you for visiting My Natural Skin. I hope that you have found, or will find my site helpful and informative.

My interest in natural skin care actually began quite by accident a few years back. Like many other women and men I have always been very self conscious about my skin and it's appearance.

I've had my share of skin problems. I've used antibiotics and harsh lotions for my acne. I've used more cortizone cream for my eczema breakouts than I care to remember. I've used harsh skin treatments to even out skin tone and the list go on.

I never gave a second thought to what these skin treatments were actually doing to my skin and body. We all know now that extended use of antibiotics are not good for you. Any other acne treatments I tried left my skin tight, dry and extremely sensitive to the sun. My skin was also very sensitive to other beauty products which more often than not, further irritated to my skin.

I very foolishly thought that if these products were being sold to us, they must be safe for us to use. Well, I guess that's not the case.

How I came to be interested in natural skin care

Due to a bad economy where I live, making ends meat was becoming more and more difficult. To say the least, skin care was not on the top of the list when payday rolled around. I had squeezed, scrounged and scraped what I could out of the remaining skin products that I did still have, and I knew it would be at least 2 weeks before I would be able to buy more.

Out of sheer desperation I hit the internet hoping to find something I could use on my skin until I could afford more skin products. I had heard a co-worker talking about using yogurt and egg whites on their skin. Maybe I could find some information on home skin treatments. I have to admit, I really didn't think I would find anything that would help my skin and be useful to me.

I was horrified at some of the information I was finding in my travels. I found lists of chemicals used in beauty products that were far from good for your skin. I was shocked to learn that one of the ingredients used in some of these skin care products could also be found in oven cleaner, and that other ingredients had actually been linked to some cancers. No wonder I had such a hard time finding skin care products that didn't irritate my skin.

Suddenly I was thinking more about the health of my poor skin and less about my poor pocketbook.

To make a long story short, that night I ended up using milk and olive oil on my skin. I was actually a little annoyed at the results. Not only did these natural ingredients work on my skin, but they worked better than the products I had been using! How could that be? I never imagined that two simple ingredients (that I had in my kitchen) could out perform the drawer full of skin products I usually had.

If you have never cleansed your face with milk before, you have to try it. Milk is an excellent way to instantly improve the look and feel of your skin. I followed up with extra virgin olive oil and vouila! (small amount of course, you don't want to look like an oil slick)

From there I started looking into more natural alternatives for my skin care and in the process became hooked on making my own skin treatments. When I could afford it I would make recipes that contained different butters, essential oils, clays and other ingredients that you wouldn't have on hand in your kitchen. The results are what I think that got me hooked on natural skin care, hands down.

My skin has never been this healthy! My skin not only looks way better but it is truly 'healthy' thanks to all natural and nutritious ingredients that I had been giving it.

One of the things I learned about caring for your skin naturally is that you also have to care for it from the inside. Not only did my skin clear up and become healthy, but my entire body benefited from this one change.

As time went on making all of my own natural skin care treatments wasn't always something that time allowed, so I did start purchasing some natural skin care products. I was extremely happy to find that there were numerous, excellent natural skin care companies out there, and that you don't have to take out a small loan to purchase their products. You can find natural skin care for any budget.

How I came to make this site

As crazy as it sounds it was the same reason that started my natural skin care journey. Because of the economy I was on the internet checking out any local job opportunities and an add caught my eye. It was an advertisement for a business called "Solo Build It!".

The idea behind "Solo Build It!" is that you take something you know a lot about, or something you are good at and turn it into an online business. At the time I didn't have a clue what special talent, knowledge or passion I could use to build a business but it was risk free so I gave it a shot.

I didn't think of it right away but eventually the idea of natural skin care and an online business came together. I could offer a website that has all the information you need to care for skin naturally.

I would provide nutritional information, recipes, natural skin remedies, recommended natural skin care products and anything else pertaining to natural skin care . I would take all the information that took me hours and hours to research and have it all in one spot. It was something I was passionate about and I knew it could help people as much as it helped me!

Now I get to enjoy a job that I love and at the same time I can help other women have healthy, beautiful, clear skin, using all natural skin care products and ingredients.

If you are interested in starting your own online business and building a website like this one, I have a page on this site that explains how SBI! works. I only have a grade 10 education and at the time had no experience with computers, aside from surfing the net. Now I make my living from home doing something I genuinely am interested in, know something about from first hand experience, and thoroughly enjoy. I have provided a link below that will take you to a page that explains how I came to build my-natural-skin.com and make it my main source of income.

Once again I thank you for visiting My Natural Skin. I hope what you learn here will help you to look at skin care in a different way like I did. Anybody can have beautiful, healthy, youthful skin using the ingredients that nature has provided for us.

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