The Amazing Benefits Of Emu Oil

The benefits of Emu Oil are not only amazing, but also numerous. From anti aging to diaper rash, this is a wonderful oil to keep in the medicine cabinet.

Where does Emu Oil come from?

Emu Oil is obtained from the fat off the back of the Emu bird, so if you are vegan this may not be an option for you.

Out of all the oils, Emu is the closest in molecular structure to human oil. This means that not only does it absorb easily into the skin but it has a far less chance of irritating it which makes it an excellent skin treatment.

What is in Emu Oil that makes it so good for your skin?

Emu oil is packed full of good stuff that skin loves! It contains Vitamin A which is needed for skin repair.

It has Vitamin E which is a major antioxidant and helps in healing skin. It also contains Oliec Acid which aids in skin cell regeneration.

Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids can also be found in Emu oil and it has very high anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties.

Below is a list of skin problems that Emu oil is very effective in treating.

  • Rough Dry Skin Because Emu Oil absorbs deep into the skin so well it makes a good moisturizer for very dry, rough or even cracked skin. The Vitamin A and E in this oil helps to repair and heal damaged skin cells.
  • Anti Wrinkle Treatment The Oleic Acid in Emu Oil plays a big part in skin cell regeneration. This is extremely important for aging skin because as we age our skin functions begin to slow, so this gives those skin cells an extra boost and helps slow down the aging process. Because it is such a deep moisturizer it keeps skin moist and plump, avoiding sagging and deeper wrinkles. Emu Oil also has been proven to make skin thicker. Thinning skin is another rotten thing that happens with age! With the benefits of Emu Oil though we can win the fight against those wrinkles!
  • Stretch Marks and Scars With it's skin regenerating and healing properties this is an ideal oil for scars and stretch marks.
  • Insect Bites and Stings Emu oil has anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties making it a good choice for reducing pain and infections from insect bites and stings.
  • Eczema, Psoriasis, Diaper Rash and Shingles Emu oil can give relief to all of these skin problems. It reduces itching and redness and heals cracked, peeling and scaling skin. For any problemed or sensitive skin, Emu Oil will be the least irritating skin treatment because it is the closest in molecular structure to what our own bodies make.
  • Bruises, Cuts and Burns Because Emu Oil does not promote the growth of bacteria and is an natural anti inflammatory it is great for minor bruises, cuts and burns. It also increases circulation to the skin which speeds up healing.
  • Protection From Harsh Weather Another benefit of Emu Oil is it is an excellent protective barrier against both cold winters and the hot summer sun. ( still, do not forget to put on sunscreen!)

How do I apply Emu Oil to my skin?

Emu oil can be applied directly to your skin or you can add it to any of your skin care recipes. If you are directly applying it to your skin start with a very small amount until you get to know what is enough or what is too much. It does absorb very well but you will end up a greasy mess if you go over board.

As you can see there are several benefits of Emu Oil and if you have never tried it, it is worth looking into. Just as a side note, Emu oil is also beneficial for arthritic pain and many other ailments as well.

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