How To Fade Age Spots Naturally

Age spots (sometimes also refered to as liver spots) are something that no woman ever looks forward to getting. While they are not painful or a health risk, the appearance of them can make some women very self conscious. This page will tell you how you can fade the appearance of these spots with all natural ingredients.

What do they look like and what causes them?

Agespots are brownish flat skin discolorations that vary in size and shape. They can start to appear in your 40's, but when they begin to appear really has to do with the amount of sun exposure your skin has had. It's not actually age that causes these spots, it is how much sun your skin has been exposed to over the years.

Our skin has 'melanim pigment' which absorbs sunlight and helps protect our skin from the sun's rays. As we grow older our skin's ability to protect itself begins to deteriorate from over exposure to the sun which results in abnormal pigment in the form of agespots.

They most commonly appear on the face, shoulders and back of the hands which are parts of our body exposed to the sun the most. If you are fair or light skinned you are more likely to develop agespots.

If you have any suspicious spots, moles or discolorations, or if you notice a change in color or shape of any lesion on your skin always consult your doctor.

Can you prevent agespots?

Sunblock, Sunblock, Sunblock! Preventing agespots is actually just common sense. The more you protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays the less likely you will develop these brown spots. If you already have agespots you can certainly stop or slow the arrival of any new ones. Protecting your skin from the sun will also slow down the wrinkles too and lessen your chance of developing skin cancer.

Always protect your skin from the sun with a good natural sunscreen and limit the time you spend in it.

Natural Remedies For Age Spots

The following remedies are all natural, simple and effective but please do not expect that they will fade your agespots over night. The following treatments need to be used consistently every day in order for them to work. On average these natural treatments usually take 3-4 weeks before you will see any big difference. The only way you can truly get rid of agespots quickly is to have lazer surgery which is obviously not an option for everybody.

A lot of these natural treatments are very inexpensive so no matter what your situation there is a natural ingredient that will suit your budget. Try one of the following remedies and fade those spots!

  • Aloe Vera Good old aloe vera! This works wonderfully for your skin especially when used in conjuction with another agespot fading ingredient. You can never go wrong with aloe vera. Apply twice daily.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar Apply to skin with a cotton swab or cotton ball and allow to dry. Once dry apply aloe vera. Use this treatment twice a day.

  • Castor Oil Some women swear by this stuff. Apply to spots twice daily.

  • Emu Oil This wonder oil is also good for fading agespots. Apply to skin twice a day.

  • Lemon Juice Apply with a cotton swab or cotton ball directly on age spots twice a day. As with the vinegar you can follow it with an application of aloe vera. The acid in lemon juice fades the color of age spots but it will also make your skin more sensitive to the sun. During the day I would advise leaving the lemon juice on 20 minutes and then rinsing it off and then be sure to use a good natural sun screen. At night leave the lemon juice combined with aloe vera on your skin while you sleep and rinse it off in the shower in the morning.

  • Lemon Oil Mix with a carrier oil that suits your skin type and apply to spots morning and night. Moisturize and fade at the same time! For information on carrier oils click here.

  • Yogurt Lactic acid in dairy products can increase cell turnover rate and help to fade agespots. Yogurt would probably not be feasable everyday but a couple of times week combined with another agespot treatment will definately have your skin looking it's best. Take 1/4 cup of yogurt and leave it in cheese cloth in the fridge to drain over night. Apply this nice thick cream to your face on leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse and pat dry.

  • Red Onion If you don't mind the smell, rubbing red onion directly on age spots can help fade them. You can also mix one teaspoon of onion juice with one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Apply to spots with cotton swab or cotton balls once daily. Can be left on over night or rinsed off after 20 minutes. Which ever way you choose to use it always take care when applying to your face and keep away from your eyes and nose.

  • Always test patch anything new that you are going to apply to your skin.  Avoid finding out you have an allergy or reaction to something after you have fully applied it.

    If you are persistent and consistent you can drastically fade age spots and prevent new ones from forming. Try these safe and effective natural remedies and enjoy more youthful and healthy skin!

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