Natural Eye Cream Will Have Your Eyes Looking Their Best Without Any Harsh Chemicals

A good natural eye cream can mean the difference between tired dull looking eyes and younger, smooth, rejuvenated eyes.

The skin around our eyes is the thinnest and most delicate on our face. Not only that, this tissue has far fewer oil glands than the rest of our bodies so it really does require we give it a little extra attention.

Using a natural eye cream as well as your usual natural moisturizer will give your eyes the best chance against wrinkles, keeping the skin around your eyes smooth and rejuvenated.

What should I look for in a natural eye cream that will be truly effective?

Because we have less oil glands around our eyes and oil production slows as we age, you need to look for ingredients that are rich moisturizers and that can provide some protection from external elements.

These natural ingredients should also be high in antioxidants and help stimulate cell regeneration and growth.

Look for the following very effective natural ingredients in your natural eye cream or include them in your own homemade eye treatments.

  • Apricot Kernel Oil This skin softening oil not only protects but it is very nutritious for your skin.It is very high in Vitamin E and A and can help improve skin elasticity.

  • Beeswax Beeswax is a natural moisturizer with ant inflammatory properties. It is ideal to include in eye treatments because it locks in moisture and protects while still allowing skin to breathe properly.

  • Carrot Seed Oil Carrot seed oil is an excellent skin care oil that is extremely beneficial to the skin around our eyes. It stimulates cell growth, rejuvenates, adds elasticity and firmness and is ideal for damaged or aging skin. It is rich in beta carotene and contains Vitamin C, D, E and B Vitamins.

  • Cocoa Butter Everyone loves cocoa butter. It smells yummy and is a great moisturizer. It is high in antioxidants and is good for sensitive skin. It improves elasticity and provides a protective barrier.

  • Grape Seed Oil Contains powerful antioxidants and is very effective in repairing the skin around your eyes. It absorbs easily into the skin's layers, is very light and can be used all on it's own.

  • Jojoba Oil This oil also easily penetrates the skin and is a good protectant, even providing some protection from the sun.

  • Mango Butter Mango butter is rich in both antioxidants and essential fatty acids, two things your skin loves. It smooths wrinkles and offers some protection from the sun. An excellent moisturizer.

  • Pomegranate Oil Another outstanding oil that is ideal for around your eyes. It quickly absorbs, is high in antioxidants and promotes skin regeneration. It is a very nourishing oil that improves elasticity, reduces wrinkles and is known to slow aging.

  • Rosehip Seed Oil Rosehip oil is known for it's wonderful anti aging properties. It is high in Vitamin C and contains Vitamin A. It also assists with skin cell generation and increases elastin and collagen levels.

  • Shea Butter Shea butter is a very effective moisturizer. It doesn't smell as good as cocoa butter but it still has much to offer. It is rich in essential fatty acids, Vitamin E and Vitamin A. It promotes skin cell regeneration protects your skin from external elements including the sun.

  • Vitamin E This Vitamin has powerful anti aging properties. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles while healing and protecting skin.

  • Wheat Germ Oil Wheat germ oil helps to retain moisture, strengthens skin and promote healing. It increases elasticity while tightening and toning skin.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to to keep the skin around your eyes as healthy, nourished and smooth as possible..

  • How you clean around your eyes believe it or not can have a huge bearing on the amount of wrinkles you will get. If you are scrubbing your face with harsh soaps or a rough wash cloth you are doing permanent damage to this delicate skin. Over time removing moisture with cleansers and pulling and tugging on your eyes causes sagging and wrinkles. When removing makeup always use a natural moisturizing makeup remover and use cotton balls. Cotton balls reduce the tugging on your skin.
  • Alpha hydroxy acids naturally derived from milk and fruits are ideal for cleansing around the eyes. They very gently exfoliate dead skin cells allowing nutrients to better penetrate your skin. As an added bonus alpha hydroxy acids moisturize as the same time.
  • Wear an eye cream that offers excellent barrier repair.
  • Be sure your eye cream has a very rich emollient in it like shea or mango butter. This keeps your eyes hydrated. The more hydrated your skin is the less visible wrinkles are and the less likely you are to create more.
  • Wearing sunglasses protects the skin around your eyes and decreases wrinkles caused from squinting.

Use these natural ingredients in your natural eye cream, follow these tips and enjoy beautiful, smoother and healthy natural skin!

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