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Knowing your skin type is very important when it comes to either buying or making your own skin care products. By identifying your which type of skin you have, you can then decide which natural ingredients would work best with your skin. Skin care ingredients can vary greatly from product to product so it's good to know which ingredients are good for your skin type and which ones are not. Below are the five main types. Read through them to find out which one you are.

  • Normal Skin Normal skin is just exactly what it is called. It produces normal amounts of sebum(oil), it's not too oily, it's not too dry, and has a smooth, even texture. Pores are small to medium size. This is the skin everyone wants to have.

  • Dry Skin Skin usually feels tight in the morning and always after cleansing. Pores are small, skin is flakey, sometimes with red itchy patches. Dry skin appears dull and is more inclined to fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Oily Skin Shiny, greasy feeling skin with larger and more visible pores. Oil tends to build up on skin as the day progresses and and pores are frequently clogged causing blemishes,such as blackheads and pimples.

  • Combination Skin This is one of the more difficult types to deal with since you are actually dealing with two types of skin on the same face. Most commonly the forehead, nose and chin are oily while the cheeks and eyes can be dry or normal. Combination skin tends to be more sensitive to cosmetics.

  • Sensitive Skin Sensitive skin is usually thin with small pores and can be dry, oily or normal. Sensitive skin has frequent allergic reactions to skin products, especially synthetic ingredients like perfumes and dyes. Skin burns more easily, frequently breaks out in rashes and is prone to redness. It can be very difficult to find suitable skin care for this type.

Now that you have identified which type of skin you have, you can find the best natural skin care for you!

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